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     After constantly annoying the life out of my landlord to attend to jobs around my home, such as grubby carpets and marks on the walls that were present when I moved in, I may add! I decided enough was enough and it was time to take matters into my own hands. I looked for a cleaning company who could work their magic for me and I found HamptonCarpetCleaners. I chose these guys because of the price which seemed very reasonable and oh my god what a great decision that was, everywhere looks spotless, I'm so so pleased, thank you!
     With a view to getting them more business, because they deserve it, I'd like to thoroughly recommend HamptonCarpetCleaners as they have made my domestic cleaning a lot less of a stress! I've recently started a new job, and felt that cleaning the house after work was getting a little much for me, so I got the team in. I have never made a better move in my life, it has been so wonderful to come home to a clean house every Wednesday, and put my feet up; I can properly relax now!
Irene R.07/01/2014

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